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Welcome to our tool to help you choose your swimming pool heat pump!

To help you choose the Penguin4Pool heat pump that best meets your needs, we invite you to use the tool Completely free online help which will offer you a selection of the products and equipment best suited to your installation and your preferences.


Our Penguin heat pump choice aid tool

Complete the criteria below for your installation and find out which Penguin4Pool heat pump blends in best with your garden.

What is the volume of your pool or spa?
In which geographical area is your swimming pool located?
Does your pool have thermal protection?
Gamme de pompes à chaleur Penguin4Pool ICE 3

Ideal for pools up to 15 m3

Gamme de pompes à chaleur Penguin4Pool ICE 4

Ideal for pools up to 20 m3

Gamme de pompes à chaleur Penguin4Pool ICE 5

Ideal for pools up to 30 m3

Carry out a Thermal Balance

Another important criterion comes into account when choosing a heat pump efficiently: the period during which you want to heat the swimming pool.

The information given by the tool to help choose the Penguin4Pool heat pump is for a swimming period from May 1 to September 30 and for water at a temperature of 28°C.

We invite you to carry out a complete Thermal Balance if you want to heat your pool all year round.

carry out a Thermal Balance

Find your reseller

We remind you that this choice aid tool is not binding and that the information given is indicative and not contractual. The sole purpose of this tool is to inform and advise you on the Penguin4Pool heat pump products that could meet your needs.

To properly size your heat pump, it is imperative to carry out a study and a complete thermal balance. For that, please contact us directly or get closer to your usual contact or your reseller.

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